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Watson & Chalin now offers a full line of Trailer Axles which helps to finalize the full line of trailer suspensions such as the TA.


Sales Literature

Axle Features:

  • Axle capacity up to 13,000kg

  • P spindle with two large bearings for prolonged life compared to N spindle

  • Outboard drum for quick brake shoe replacement - eliminates risk of lubrication contamination when changing brake shoes compared to inboard drum assemblies

  • Axle vent and filter system to dissipate heat and prevent wheel-end contamination

  • Round axle - higher tortional strength as required by modern suspensions


Value Added Options:

  • Dust shields on 16.5in. brakes

  • Tire inflation - TIREMAAX® CP

  • Various brake chambers

  • ​Selection of automatic brake adjusters